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UFC stars in uproar – Threatening to leave due to payment

"what I’m doing right now is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done"

Athletes and the organisations there compete for can often end up in disagreements for several reasons. When it comes to the UFC, there has been recent issues between several of the promotions biggest stars, who are now threatening to leave due to not being satisfied with their payment.

The most prominent and continuous of these feuds has been between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and the UFC. Jones displayed interest in competing at heavyweight, but claims that his suggestions were shot down by his employers. He and UFC president Dana White went back and forth, claiming the other was being untruthful about the negotiations that had transpired. Jones has even go so far as to claim that he has vacated his title.

Now Jorge Masvidal has threatened to leave the UFC due to not being happy with payment and not being able to reach a new deal. Conor McGregor has also claimed to have retired (once again), despite making his triumphant return to the UFC just a few months ago.

At the press conference for UFC 250, White spoke with media about the tension between the UFC and some of its fighters at the moment.

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“Listen, if you don’t think that what I’m doing right now is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and if you don’t think that three times a day I don’t throw my f***ing hands up and I’m ready to say, ‘F*** this s***’ – believe me, (I am),” White said. “And the amount of people that I have gunning at me right now is insane. It’s insane. But here we are.”

Despite being in the cross hairs of several fighters, White understands and even sympathises with many of the fighter’s grievances.

“One of the beautiful things about this sport is you don’t have to fight,” White continued. “This isn’t the NBA or the NFL where you better be at practice, you better show up and do this. You don’t have to do anything here. And if these guys want to sit out and retire right now, or anybody feels uncomfortable in any way, shape, or form of what’s going on, you don’t have to fight. It is all good.

“So if that’s what Conor’s feeling right now, Jon Jones, Jorge Masvidal – I feel you. It’s not like I’m going, ‘Holy s***! This is crazy! This is nuts!’ Nothing is crazy and nuts right now because everything is crazy and nuts right now. So on a certain level, I totally understand. I get it.”

As of now it’s uncertain as to if the UFC can reach an agreement with the stars who are displeased at the moment. Though, if it’s any consolation, White has understanding for the fighters who are unhappy.

Which stars may leave the UFC due to the payment structure?

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