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Jon Jones asks to be released from UFC, calls Dana White ‘F***ing liar’

"Please have your lawyer Hunter Campbell release those text messages."

Things now seem to have gotten so bad between Jon Jones and Dana White, that the former has asked for his release from the UFC. 

Positive business relationships and personal relationships are not always mutually exclusive. There are times when poor business decisions or negotiations spill out, affecting the relations of those involved. That seems to be the case when it comes to UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones’ botched negotiations with the UFC. Jones was interested in moving up to heavyweight for a super fight with Francis Ngannou.

The accounts of the events seem to be different depending on who you ask. UFC president Dana White claimed that Jones had asked for an “absurd amount of money”, while the light heavyweight king flat out said that White was lying. The two sides got off on the wrong foot from the start and the negotiations simply deteriorated further.

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Now Jones has taken to Twitter to launch a tirade against the UFC. In a series of posts he took aim at the UFC, sticking to his claims that the promotion and White are being untruthful about the negotiations. Jones began by encouraging UFC legal staff to release text messages regarding their talks.

“If you’re going to stick to these lies, I’m going to stick to defending myself. Please have your lawyer Hunter Campbell release those text messages.”

He then went on to call White a liar, and began comparing his earnings to that of heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder.

“Don’t be a f*cking liar, my reputation has already taking enough hits. I don’t need this bullsh*t Dana. I never asked for Diante Wilder‘s numbers. And how about since Diante is making 30 million, we settle for half of that. Since you said I’m the goat and everything.”

I don’t even make half of half of what Diante Wilder makes. If my reputation causes you to undervalue me this much. Just go ahead and release me from my @Ufc contract altogether. I’m sure some promoter somewhere will be more than happy to pick me up.”

White has remained steadfast in his opinion that Jones is in the wrong, and has since even invited the light heavyweight champ to take a lie detector test. As of now, the only thing that’s certain is that neither Jones or White are planning on backing down in regards to this matter.

Do you think Dana White will grant Jon Jones a release from the UFC?

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