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Dana White offers to take lie detector test with Jon Jones

"It’s not like I can’t prove what I’m saying is true..."

Will it take a lie detector test to bury the hatchet between UFC president Dana White and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones?

The two have not always had a completely positive relationship, but both sides have been mostly amicable and respectful throughout the years. That changed when the negotiations between Jones and the UFC regarding a super fight with Francis Ngannou went sour. The two had completely different views as to why the negotiations failed. White claimed that Jones asked for absurd amounts of money, while the UFC champ says he was shut down before any amounts could even be suggested.

Yesterday, Jones went scorched earth on White and the UFC. In a series of posts on Twitter, Jones blasted the UFC for their handling of the negotiations and supposed lies about it afterwards. Jones even asked to be released by the the UFC following recent comments made by White.

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Speaking to the press ahead of UFC Las Vegas at the Apex Center, White addressed the issue. The UFC boss went so far as to suggest him and Jones taking a lie detector test, though says that he refuses to release text messages sent between the two sides. This is supposedly out of respect to Jones.

“It’s fun working out in the gym in the morning seeing tweets from Jon Jones saying I’m lying. We have text messages from Jon Jones. It’s not like I can’t prove what I’m saying is true. We have text messages from him, but I’m not going to do that,” White said in a media scrum. “I’m not going to put his text messages out in the press, I could. If Jon Jones wants to sit down and take a lie detector test about who’s lying and who’s not, we can do that, too. So, I don’t want to go there with this guy. The guys made a lot of money. If you look at Jon Jones’ track record, show me somebody who has the track record this guy has and has made the money Jon Jones has.”

Contrasting it’s name, lie detector tests have proved to be less and less effective and used by law enforcement over the years. The technique has been seen as less reliable than it has been credited with. Interesting is that White and the UFC have refused to divulge any specifics or what exactly constitutes “absurd” amounts of money.

Things have taken a poor turn between Jones and the UFC, only time will tell if they can mend the bridges that hav been burnt.

Should Jon Jones and Dana White take a lie detector test?

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