UFC May See Permanent Increase in Fight Bonuses

"We can't go back," insists Tim Means.

Following the landmark UFC 300 event, welterweight veteran Tim Means is advocating for a permanent increase in performance bonuses, having witnessed a substantial jump to $300,000—equivalent to approximately 3.2 million Swedish kronor. This increase spurred fighters to deliver exceptionally thrilling performances in hopes of claiming the higher stakes.

Impact of Higher Bonuses:

At UFC 300, fighters on both the main and preliminary cards were motivated by the possibility of earning life-changing sums. Max Holloway, for example, secured half of the total $1.2 million bonus pot with his spectacular finish against Justin Gaethje. However, for lesser-known fighters on the undercard, these bonuses represented a significant opportunity.

A Call for Consistency:

With the next event, UFC Vegas 91, returning to the standard $50,000 bonuses, Means expressed his concerns, noting the UFC’s financial capability to sustain the higher bonus structure and its positive impact on the quality of the fights. “I hope you all don’t change your minds and continue to offer $300,000 bonuses,” Means stated to MMA media ahead of UFC Vegas 91. He urges a discussion about this during the upcoming rule meeting.

“Let’s talk about it. Let’s at least sit down when we have the rules meeting on Saturday and have a discussion, right?”

“We can’t go back. It’s not bragging if you back it up. Seriously. What are we doing? What are we talking about here? Keep it. Same energy. Do you want to see some awesome fights at APEX?”

“These events (at APEX) are usually more fun than the pay-per-view events. UFC 300 was okay. Sure, some guys put on a show, but was it really that good? I don’t know. APEX will be good.”


Veteran’s Perspective:

At 40, Means is looking to end his career on a high note, having recently won the Fight of the Night award by knocking out Andre Fialho in the third round. His call for increased bonuses is not just for personal gain but for the enhancement of the sport’s appeal and the welfare of its fighters.


As the debate heats up, the MMA community and UFC executives are faced with a decision that could significantly influence the future dynamics of fight incentives and athlete motivation. Will UFC 300’s heightened bonuses set a new standard, or will they remain a one-time celebratory anomaly?

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