Ex-Champion Velasquez Faces Trial for Attempted Murder

"Velasquez's Legal Battle: Trial Set for September"

The Charges and Trial Date

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is charged with attempted murder and is set to stand trial on September 9 in Santa Clara County, California, USA. The trial date was confirmed during a court session where Velasquez, accompanied by his lawyer, stood before Judge Elizabeth Peterson.

Court Proceedings and Legal Delays

During the court proceedings, Velasquez’s attorney requested an additional extension, which was denied by the district attorney, citing multiple prior delays. A postponement had already been granted in February due to outstanding discovery requests, including information from the UFC. Despite claims of incomplete evidence from Velasquez’s defense, Judge Peterson sided with the prosecution, setting the trial for September.

The Incident Leading to Charges

Velasquez is accused of engaging in a high-speed car chase and shooting at a vehicle carrying Harry Goularte, a man accused of sexually abusing Velasquez’s son. During the chase, Velasquez allegedly fired multiple shots, one of which struck Paul Bender, Goularte’s stepfather, resulting in non-life-threatening injuries. Goularte, who was out on bail for child molestation charges at the time, has not yet received a trial date.


Legal Consequences and Defense

Negotiations for a plea deal earlier this year did not reach a resolution, and now the case will proceed to trial. Velasquez faces a total of nine charges, including attempted murder, which could result in a minimum sentence of 20 years to life if convicted. Velasquez has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

“The evidence is still incomplete, and we need more time before a trial date can be set,” argued Velasquez’s attorney.

“We’ve already granted extensions, and it’s time to proceed,” countered the district attorney.

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