Devin Haney Speaks Out After Tough Loss to Ryan Garcia

"Weight made a difference" - Haney

“Weight Discrepancy Influenced the Outcome”

Public Statement

For the first time since his loss to Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney has publicly addressed the outcome of their recent bout. Known affectionately as “KingRy,” Garcia claimed a judges’ decision over Haney after twelve thrilling rounds last weekend. During the match, Haney faced numerous challenges, with Garcia nearly knocking him out on several occasions.

Weigh-In Controversy

The fight was initially set to contest the WBC super lightweight title. However, Garcia failed to make weight by a significant margin of 3.2 pounds (approximately 1.45 kg), rendering him ineligible to claim the title even with his victory. Haney highlighted the weight issue in his statement, challenging Garcia to agree to a rematch under fair conditions.

Haney’s Instagram Reflections In his Instagram post, Haney expressed acceptance of his defeat but noted the impact of the weight difference. He wrote:

“First and foremost, I want to say… Alhamdulillah, Allah is the perfect planner, and I trust His plan no matter what. I may have lost in boxing, but those who know me understand that I am a true competitor, always eager to test my skills against the best fighters in the world.


Despite the circumstances, Ryan won that evening, and that’s fine. I do feel the weight played a role in this, but only Allah knows. I would love to have another match to give the fans a FAIR fight at an agreed-upon weight.

With that said… I am currently enjoying time with my family and friends and making up my days from Ramadan. Thank you to all my supporters and everyone involved in making this event happen. Once I have completed my days of Ramadan, I will let you know what comes next!”


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