Holloway Proposes a True Warrior to Present BMF Title at UFC 300

"A True BMF to Crown the UFC 300 Champion"

Introduction to UFC 300’s BMF Title

At the eagerly anticipated UFC 300 event, the symbolic BMF (Baddest Motherf**ker) title will be on the line as current holder Justin Gaethje faces Max Holloway in a feature bout. This title, originating from a bout between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz in November 2019, has a history of being awarded by notable figures.

Holloway’s Choice for the BMF Presenter

Max Holloway has expressed his preference for the presenter of the BMF title post-fight, naming none other than former UFC champion Mark Coleman for the honor. This suggestion comes in light of Coleman’s recent heroics, which almost cost him his life, showcasing the spirit of a true BMF.

The BMF Tradition

Since its inception at UFC 244, the BMF title has been uniquely celebrated. Initially, it was awarded by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Jorge Masvidal. Following Masvidal’s retirement and the revival of the title for UFC 291, it was handed over by Masvidal to Gaethje, who won it through a knockout victory over Dustin Poirier.

Coleman’s Heroic Act

Coleman, recently involved in a life-threatening house fire, managed to save his parents but tragically lost his dog, Hammer. His survival and bravery have not gone unnoticed, especially by Holloway, who sees Coleman’s act as embodying the BMF ethos.

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Holloway’s Words

Max Holloway, in a statement to MMA Junkie, highlighted Coleman’s recent ordeal and his gangster-like resilience as the reasons behind his choice, stating, “The only right answer is Mark Coleman… It would be sick if he could do it. It would be an honor.”


“The only right answer is Mark Coleman… It would be sick if he could do it. It would be an honor.” – Max Holloway to MMA Junkie

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