Fans in outrage after Deontay Wilder disrespects Mike Tyson

"You do not know your facts, you don’t know s***"

Deontay Wilder drew fire from the boxing community after lashing out at Mike Tyson.

No matter what position one is in currently, it’s important to show respect to the greats. Certain athletes will always command respect, especially in combat sports, as the fans have an intense passion for the legends. This is why much of the boxing community is in an uproar following the comments Deontay Wilder made about Mike Tyson.

Taking part in an Instagram Live session recently, Wilder slandered Tyson’s record, implying that it was the latter’s intimidation that broke his opponents.

“Half of y’all motherf*****s don’t know your history when it comes to this sport of boxing. You do not know your facts, you don’t know s***.  All you know is what you hear. We all like Tyson, of course. We love them all, I love them all, they did a great job. Everybody was scared of Mike Tyson, let’s face it, because of his aggression, the way he would say it, the things he would do,” Wilder said.

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Wilder then questioned the amount of hall of fame-ers that have faced Tyson, and was generally critical of the boxing legend’s competition.

“Only two, Holyfield beat him twice and Lennox beat him. Only two, so what the f*** y’all talking about? You go back and do your f***ing history. Everybody else was f***ing scared, no Hall of Famers. Only two, only two. So get the f*** out of here. When you come to me, do your facts and research,” Wilder continued.

This drew ire from the combat sports community, who were swift to blast Wilder.

Wilder is currently coming off of the first loss of his boxing career. Facing Tyson Fury for the second time, Wilder was TKO’d in the seventh round of their much-anticipated rematch. Wilder also lost he WBC title to Fury during that bout. The two were scheduled to compete in a trilogy bout, as their first fight ended in a controversial draw, though the Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt to that fight.

Tyson is currently preparing for a comeback, supposedly facing Shannon Briggs in his comeback. While Tyson has been linked to many fights for his comeback, though so far nothing has been confirmed.

Would a prime Mike Tyson defeat Deontay Wilder?

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