Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Embarks on MMA Training for New Film

"Entering the cage for a transformative role"

Introduction to “The Rock’s” New Challenge

Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is setting the stage for his latest film role by initiating a rigorous MMA training camp. Johnson, a former wrestling icon, is preparing to portray Mark Kerr, an ex-wrestling talent and a notable figure in the worlds of PRIDE and UFC. This upcoming movie, titled after Kerr’s nickname, “The Smashing Machine,” promises to delve deep into the tumultuous life of the former champion.

Details on the Film and Casting

The film, long in the making, will be directed by Benny Safdie. Rumors suggest Emily Blunt could be cast as Kerr’s girlfriend, adding star power to an already high-profile project. “The Smashing Machine” explores Kerr’s career, personal struggles, and the severe impact of fame and addiction on his life.

Training with a Purpose

On social media, Johnson shared insights about his preparation for the role, emphasizing his dedication to authentically depicting MMA culture and the personal battles many fighters face. “As many of you know, ‘The Smashing Machine’ is about Mark Kerr’s life—a godfather in the heavyweight class and once the world’s best fighter,” Johnson wrote. He further expressed his commitment to honoring the legacy of Kerr and others who have battled with addiction, describing the film as his “love letter” to them.

Kerr’s Brief but Stellar Career

Mark Kerr’s rise in MMA was meteoric. In 1997, he won the UFC heavyweight tournament twice in the same year, his only four UFC fights occurring over two nights, reminiscent of UFC’s earlier tournament format. He later joined PRIDE, where he fought eleven times. Despite a promising start, Kerr faced numerous challenges later in his career, failing to recapture his former glory. His life was previously documented in a film also named “The Smashing Machine,” which highlighted his struggles and achievements.



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“With WrestleMania behind me, I will actually begin a new training camp tomorrow. This training camp will be MMA fighting in the cage. It’s in preparation for my next film ‘The Smashing Machine’.”

“I am entering this Smashing Machine journey with deep respect and love for all MMA fighters and the culture, especially those who have struggled with addiction.”


“The Smashing Machine” not only aims to chart the highs and lows of Mark Kerr’s life but also seeks to shed light on the broader issues of addiction and mental health in the world of professional sports. Johnson’s preparation for the role through an authentic MMA training experience reflects his commitment to portraying Kerr’s story with the respect and depth it deserves.

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