Mike Tyson Warns Jake Paul Ahead of High-Stakes Bout

"Fight as if your life depends on it - Tyson"

At 57, Mike Tyson, famed for his formidable boxing career and intimidating remarks, is gearing up for a showdown with Jake Paul on July 20. While their initial encounter at the press conference was mostly amicable, Tyson also issued a stark warning to the YouTube-turned-boxer.

Press Conference Insights:

During their first press conference in New York, the former heavyweight champion revealed that although he and Paul share a friendship, it will be set aside in the ring. The main event featuring Tyson and Paul is set to headline a Netflix broadcast on July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

“I really like Jake,” Tyson stated. “But once he’s in the ring, he has to fight as if his life depends on it—because it will.”

Tyson’s Intense Preparation:

Tyson disclosed his unique preparation ritual, which includes listening to funeral music during training sessions. This approach underscores his serious attitude towards the upcoming match. Tyson also responded to critics questioning his ability due to age.

“I think those who said that wish they were up here,” he remarked. “Who else can do this? Shut down the sports world? No one else.”


The Rules of the Bout:

The fight is set in the heavyweight division, marking Paul’s first venture into this weight class from cruiserweight. Paul has declared weighing over 230 lbs (approximately 104 kg). This heavyweight clash will also count as an official professional match, as per Tyson’s insistence on changing it from an exhibition match.

Paul’s Confidence:

Paul expressed confidence in his ability to handle Tyson’s punches and to thrive in the heavyweight division.

“I know I can take his hits,” Paul asserted. “I’m a natural heavyweight. This is what I was born to do, and I’ll show Mike who has more power. He’s underestimating me. I believe everyone else is too, and I think I hit harder.”

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