Belal Muhammad Challenged by Covington: “He’s a Racist”

"That ship has sailed" - Covington's new target

Shift in Focus for Covington

Colby Covington has shifted his focus away from Ian Machado Garry, stating that “that ship has sailed.” Instead, Covington’s sights are now set on top-ranked UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad. Although Muhammad is anticipated to fight for the title next, no official match has been announced yet. In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Covington expressed his desire to face Muhammad, accusing him of making racially charged comments.

“I want that racist to get a beating. ‘Remember the Racist’,” Covington remarked, alluding to Muhammad’s suggestion that Covington received his title opportunity due to “white privilege.”


Muhammad’s Unanswered Challenges

Despite being continuously challenged by Muhammad over the years, Covington had consistently declined. Now, with Muhammad ranked second in the UFC, Covington seems more inclined to accept a fight. However, he still believes Muhammad does not deserve a shot at the title next.

“Now he’s just sitting on his ranking,” Covington continued. He argued that Muhammad should prove himself by fighting again rather than resting on his laurels. “He doesn’t deserve it. What has he done lately? When was his last fight?”



Covington’s Confidence in Victory

Covington is confident about his superiority in a potential matchup with Muhammad, believing that he excels in all aspects of the fight.

“I see myself knocking him out,” he declared. He dismissed Muhammad’s abilities in striking and grappling, criticizing his inability to finish a one-armed Gilbert Burns in his last fight. Covington emphasized that a fight with Muhammad would be an easy win for him and urged the UFC to make it happen. “If UFC wants to give me the easy fight, that’s the fight I want.”

This article has been tailored to deliver the heated rivalry and brewing controversy with clarity and balance, providing insights from both fighters’ perspectives while engaging MMA fans worldwide.

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