Demetrious Johnson Shares His Earnings from UFC Games: “Absolutely Amazing!”

"Absolutely amazing!" - Johnson on UFC game earnings.

Former UFC champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has openly shared his contentment regarding the compensation he received for his appearances in various UFC games. Despite his mixed feelings about his career trajectory with UFC, Johnson finds the gaming aspect gratifying.

Transition to ONE Championship

Johnson transitioned to ONE Championship after a close title match against Henry Cejudo in August 2018. His UFC journey wasn’t always paved with gold, and he has been candid about the challenges he faced while with the organization.

Earnings from UFC Video Games

“Mighty Mouse” expressed satisfaction with the payments he received for his inclusion in UFC video games. In a video on his YouTube channel, Johnson detailed the amounts he earned.

“The first check I received for being in a UFC video game was $25,000,” he revealed. He emphasized the value of this, comparing it humorously to iconic video game characters: “I don’t think Ryu or Ken have ever received a $25,000 check.

” The payments varied with subsequent releases, with Johnson receiving $12,500 for UFC 3, and an additional $10,000 for gracing the cover of the Icon Edition following his match against Ray Borg.



Iconic Status and Latest Game

Even after leaving UFC, Johnson remains a prominent figure in the sport, particularly in the flyweight category. EA Sports, the producer of UFC games, continued to feature him in UFC 4. “I’ve left UFC, but you can still play as my character in the game,” Johnson said, noting his excitement over receiving another $25,000 check for his likeness in the latest installment.

Gaming Passion and Total Earnings

Johnson, an avid gamer himself, appreciates the continuity of being part of the gaming world. Over the years, his total earnings from the games amount to $72,500, about 787,000 SEK.

“It’s fantastic that I can earn this much without getting punched in the face,” he joked.

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