"The Notorious" Conor McGregor. Photo: Per Häljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Conor McGregor entourage forced woman into car

Witness: "I saw fear in her eyes"

It seems that yet again Conor McGregor finds himself in hot water, as more controversial reports are beginning to emerge about the former champ.

Only a few hours after that Conor McGregor entered court in Dublin for his now infamous assault charge taking place at an Irish Pub, another controversy emerged. According to reports from Insider, McGregor has been banned from Delilah – A popular Los Angeles hotspot for celebrities. The reports, which stem from interviews with patrons and employees at Delilah, paint a grim picture.


Allegedly, McGregor and his entourage coerced a women working at Delilah into a SUV in the parking lot. A witness who was interviewed by Insider claims that the woman at one point was carried over McGregor’s shoulder, then taken to the car. “I saw fear in her eyes like, ‘What the fuck is happening?'” the witness said.

Charlie Ward. Photo: Per Häljestam-USA TODAY Sports

McGregor friend and team mate, former UFC fighter Charlie Ward, says the claims are false. When Insider spoke with Ward he says that he was the one who brought the woman to the car, and that she went willingly. He went on to say that the manager of Delilah came to the car to check on the woman, to Ward’s surprise. However, Ward’s story differs quite a bit from the other witnesses.

The woman in question declined to comment, neither did The H.Wood Group – the company that owns Delilah.

According to Insider, McGregor was banned from Delilah following the incident. However, he returned about a month later to eat at the restaurant, only to leave without paying the bill. Those reports come from witnesses asked.

At the moment the myriad of differing and conflicting reports make the truth harder to discern. One thing that is painfully apparent is that these reports are the absolute last things that McGregor needed at the moment.

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