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Conor McGregor under investigation for second sexual assault case

The former UFC champ denies the allegations

Conor McGregor is being investigated for a second count of sexual assault in his home country of Ireland. According to sources to The New York Times, McGregor is alleged to have been involved in a situation in which a woman in her 20’s was sexually assaulted by a car parked outside of a Dublin Pub. This is the second such report since a similar incident in Los Angeles.

While the accusation is damning, it must be clearly stated that McGregor has not been convicted of sexual assault. Being under investigation is not equivalent to being guilty. In the time of writing McGregor has not been arrested, been listed as a suspect or even been interviewed by Irish Police for the matter, he is simply the subject of investigation.


“Conor McGregor is frequently the subject of rumors,” a publicist for McGregor told the New York Times. “He emphatically denies any report accusing him of sexual assault.”

Garda, the Irish police service would not give much of a statement in regards to the matter.

“Investigations ongoing and no arrests at this time,” a Garda statement said. “Owing to the nature of the investigation we will not be commenting further at this time.”

Once again, being under investigation does not mean that McGregor is guilty. However, it is the freshest in a string of reported controversies. He risks a maximum of six months in prison for his assault of a 50 year old man at a Dublin Pub. While he has brought much success to both the UFC and himself, that may have come at a cost as well. Success, money, fame and a lavish lifestyle can bring with it it’s own set of problems. McGregor certainly seems to be experiencing the dark side of fame and fortune.

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