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Conor McGregor sounds off: “I designed that ‘Bad Motherf***er’ belt,”

"The Notorious" Conor McGregor is staking claim to the design of the upcoming BMF title

Leave it to Conor McGregor to create headlines on such a frequent basis, now claiming design credits for the upcoming BMF belt. 

November second at Madison Square Garden, UFC 244 goes down. It’s a stacked card that features many of the UFC’s best fighters, but all eyes are undeniably on the main event between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz – Who compete for the UFC’s first “Bad Motherfucker” title.

While having previously thrown shade at event, ever-opinionated Conor McGregor now seems to have changed his tune. Speaking at a Parimatch event in Kiev, Ukraine last night, he claimed that he was the one to helm the design of the belt.


“I designed that ‘Bad Motherfucker’ belt,” McGregor said in a video captured by MMA Junkie. “I actually designed that, I signed off on the design of how they are creating that belt.”

While this claim is certainly outlandish, as McGregor decidedly was not one of the designers of the BMF belt, it didn’t stop there. While the title was more or less willed into existence by Diaz, McGregor takes credit for it. He also added that one of them were “on his radar”.

“So most certainly that belt was brought into fruition, brought to life because of me: the real bad motherfucker,” McGregor added. “So most certainly one of those men is on my radar.”

McGregor is also scheduled for yet another Parimatch press conference in Moscow tomorrow.


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