Jon Jones fires back at Tony Ferguson: “Feeling suicidal?”

In one of the most bizarre exchanges as of late, lightweight Tony Ferguson traded barbs with light heavyweight champ Jon Jones

Tony Ferguson is far from a conventional guy, but to pick a fight with Jon Jones would be an entirely new turn. Ferguson is known for being quite unpredictable, but when he called out Jones for a bout, seemingly from nowhere, things took a turn.


Jones seemed just as stunned as most others who spotted the call out. On the surface there seemed to be nothing that prompted the challenge.

“Wait, when did this beef start,” Jones wrote in a now-deleted Tweet. “I thought we were cool!! You over there feeling suicidal Tony?”

It was later brought to Jones’ attention that Ferguson has suffered from mental health issues, and that the use of “suicide” in his comment may be insensitive. Jones was swift to delete the original comment, and apologised for it.

“Definitely knew nothing about my guy having any mental health issues, I do now though. I apologise for my response back to him and moving on.”

While this is certainly one of the more bizarre exchanges as of late, MMA is, in contrast to most other sports, also quite unique itself.

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