Ryan Garcia Tests Positive Again: Controversy Deepens

"Garcia's career in jeopardy due to doping scandal"

Ryan Garcia‘s recent victory over Devin Haney has been overshadowed by controversy, as the young boxer tested positive for the banned substance ostarine. This revelation has cast a shadow over his impressive win and placed his career under serious scrutiny.

Initial and B-Sample Results

Garcia initially tested positive for ostarine in samples taken on April 19 and 20, around the time of his fight with Haney. Despite his claims of innocence, the B-sample confirmed the presence of the substance, matching the A-sample results. Garcia’s ostarine levels were reported to be six nanograms per milliliter, which is significantly above the allowable limit of 0.1 nanograms per milliliter, making it 60 times over the permissible threshold? (World Boxing News)?? (Boxing Scene)?.

Garcia’s Reaction and Public Statements

Following the results, Garcia took to social media with a defiant and bizarre response. In a now-deleted post, he expressed a cavalier attitude towards the allegations, writing:

“We are positive, now let’s go! Positive vibes, bro. Yeah, so happy. I F***ING LOVE STEROIDS. I don’t care, I’ll never make money in boxing again. You lose, not me, because you’re trying to frame me. Laugh last, laugh best. I’ll take all the steroids”?

His behavior has raised many eyebrows and added to the already intense public and media scrutiny. Garcia’s recent antics and statements suggest a man under tremendous pressure, perhaps struggling to maintain his composure amidst the controversy.


Potential Consequences

If the positive test results hold, Garcia faces severe consequences, including potential fines and a suspension. More critically, his victory over Haney might be overturned, changing it to a no-contest, which would significantly impact his professional record and future opportunities in the sport??.

Victor Conte, a well-known figure in the anti-doping world, commented on the situation, emphasizing that the high levels of ostarine in Garcia’s system indicate significant use rather than accidental contamination.

He stated, “The history of B-sample testing is 99% confirmation of A. So Ryan Garcia claims, ‘Everybody knows I don’t cheat.’ In my opinion, he tested positive, and now he must prove there was no intent to cheat”


What’s Next?

Garcia’s legal and management team are likely to continue their defense, potentially challenging the testing procedures or seeking to prove unintentional ingestion. However, the odds are stacked against them given the consistency of the test results.

Meanwhile, Devin Haney and his camp have been vocal about wanting the result of the fight to be overturned. Haney, still holding the WBC super lightweight title, insists on maintaining his undefeated record and seeks justice following the doping revelations??.

The boxing world awaits the final decision from the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC), which will determine Garcia’s fate. Until then, his career hangs in the balance, marred by one of the sport’s most significant doping scandals in recent memory.

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