SWAT Team Surrounds UFC Star’s Home in Bizarre Incident

✔ "I had shotguns pointed at me"

UFC bantamweight champion “Sugar” Sean O’Malley had a wild weekend involving special forces.

Sean O’Malley, the UFC’s bantamweight champion, recounted a terrifying incident on his YouTube channel where SWAT teams surrounded his house. The UFC star was suspected of having murdered his parents, all while he was live-streaming a gaming session.

– About an hour and a half into my stream, I saw a fcking cop fly down the road, Sean O’Malley recounted on the TimboSugar Show. It felt like I knew it right away, because I’ve heard of big, big streamers getting “swatted.” People find out where they are, call the police, and say something happened that obviously didn’t happen, and then they get fcking “swatted.”


What is “Swatting”?

“Swatting” is a criminal act where someone deceives emergency services into dispatching a police or emergency response team to another person’s address. This is often done by lying about serious incidents like bomb threats, murders, hostage situations, or other emergencies where someone’s life could be in immediate danger.

In O’Malley’s case, someone had called the police and claimed that he had murdered his parents, triggering a high-stakes situation.

– So I look out the window to see if the police might be busy with something else. But then they came on the intercom, and I saw a bunch of cops saying, “Come out with your hands up,” so I went out with my hands in the air.

A Life-Threatening Situation

– I thought, “I’m just going to listen.” I could have been shot, you know what I mean? Like, sht. I figured if I just listened to them, it would be fine. But you never know—someone sneezes and pulls the trigger. I had shotguns pointed at me, AR rifles from four different cops aimed at me, and I thought, “I’m just going to listen and for fck’s sake, go back inside.”

– I was sitting in the backseat of the police car with handcuffs on, thinking, “This is insane. I had freedom five minutes ago, now I have none. Zero.” And I thought, “F*ck, I didn’t even do anything wrong.”

It was only after being handcuffed that O’Malley learned why the police had been called.


Finding Out the Reason

– They said I had killed my parents, or something like that, O’Malley continued. They thought there was an active shooter in there, like, “Who’s in there?” I said, “No, I was just playing.” Someone called and said there was an active shooter in there, and two dead people in the house or something. The police said the caller referenced my address. I wish we could find the little weasel who called them. They can’t find him. But it was crazy.

A Narrow Escape

O’Malley was eventually released, but the situation could have ended much worse. There have been cases where people have been killed as a result of “swatting,” and it costs a lot to deploy a police force for this type of deception.

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