UFC Fighter Homeschools Son: “I Don’t Want Him to Be Gay”

"We must homeschool our children"

Bryce Mitchell’s Recent Struggles in the Octagon

UFC featherweight fighter Bryce Mitchell, known as “Thug Nasty,” has garnered attention both inside and outside the octagon. Currently ranked twelfth in the UFC featherweight division, the American fighter has faced significant challenges recently.

He suffered knockouts in two of his last three fights, losing to the current featherweight champion Ilia Topuria and getting knocked out by Josh Emmett in his latest bout. Despite these setbacks, Mitchell managed to secure a decision victory against Dan Ige between these losses.

Bryce Mitchell and Conspiracy Theories

Mitchell has become associated with several conspiracy theories, including the belief that the Earth is flat. He is also a vocal opponent of vaccinations, claiming that authorities are attempting to brainwash the public. This has led him to decide against vaccinating his newborn son.

– I want to encourage you not to vaccinate your children because I believe it is harmful to their health, said Bryce Mitchell in an Instagram video clip. It can potentially kill them. Make them autistic. Seriously, these vaccines are toxic. Do not vaccinate your children.



Homeschooling to Prevent “Satan Worship” and Homosexuality

Mitchell’s theories lack substantial evidence, and in his video, he also declared that his son, Tucker James, will be homeschooled to avoid becoming a communist, Satan worshipper, or homosexual.

– Tucker will also be homeschooled, continued Mitchell. We must homeschool all our children, or they will become gay, and that is why I will homeschool Tucker. I do not want him to become a communist, I do not want him to worship Satan, and I do not want him to be gay.

Mitchell criticized public schools for removing the Bible, which he considers the most valuable book ever.

– From the public schools, they took away the most valuable book of all time. The best-selling book of all time. The oldest, most accurate historical document that has ever existed – the Bible. They took it out of the schools and replaced it with Edgar Allan Poe who lived with his cousin. My son will not read any Edgar Allan Poe. He will read the Bible. That’s just how it is, and I’m just saying, if you don’t teach your child these things, they will be fed straight to the devil, and we won’t let that happen here.

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