Michael Bisping on Dustin Poirier’s Future: “He’s Only 35”

“He’s Only 35, Enjoy Life”

Michael Bisping has weighed in on Dustin Poirier’s future following his loss to Islam Makhachev at UFC 302. Poirier, who was defeated by submission in his third attempt to secure the lightweight title, is now considering retirement. Bisping, a former UFC middleweight champion, offered his advice and insights on what Poirier should do next.

Bisping’s Advice: Retirement or Key Fights

In a discussion on his YouTube channel, Bisping congratulated Poirier on his exceptional career and suggested two potential paths forward.

“So, Justin Gaethje and Alexander Volkanovski, they are my top two picks, or does he choose to retire? Listen, make hay while the sun shines, and he’s made a lot of hay. He’s got money in the bank, he’s represented himself with class. He fought a close, tough fight against Islam Makhachev. He’s fought some of the best fighters on this planet and has put on wars. When you combine all his big fights with his amateur ones, he’s had close to 50 fights”

Despite believing Poirier could still compete at the highest level, Bisping recommended retirement, emphasizing the importance of life beyond fighting.

“He’s only 35 years old, he has a lot of life left to live, so go away and enjoy it. That would be my suggestion. I’d love to see him fight Volk, I’d love to see him fight Gaethje, but for me, the best thing I did was retire from MMA. It’s tough, very tough. It’s all you know and you’ve dedicated your entire life to it, but when you reach heights like Poirier has, it opens other doors. So, whatever you decide, Dustin Poirier, I wish you all the best and congratulations on a phenomenal career”


Poirier’s Reflections

Poirier himself has expressed doubts about continuing in the sport, citing the toll of numerous fights and a desire to spend more time with his family.

“If I do fight again, what am I fighting for? Just to fight? I’ve done that 50 times… I’ve got a little girl, I’m 35 years old, this might be it. I think this might be it,” Poirier remarked

While Poirier’s career has been marked by high-profile victories and fierce battles, his considerations for retirement reflect a broader perspective on life beyond the octagon. Bisping’s advice underscores this sentiment, suggesting that Poirier’s accomplishments have already secured his legacy in the sport.

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