Man assaulted by Conor McGregor speaks out: “I can take a punch”

✅ After that footage emerged showing Conor McGregor, seemingly unprovoked,punching a man in the face at a bar, the victim has now chosen to comment

Former UFC double champion Conor McGregor has begun becoming more known for his controversies than his martial arts skills. After that a video emerged, depicting an incident earlier this year, showing him punching a man in the face at a Dublin bar for seemingly no reason, much of the MMA community was disgusted.


Now the man, who wishes to remain unnamed, has spoken to the Irish Daily Star and decided to give his recounts of the incident.

“I am sitting on the bar stool just having a quiet pint with my friend then all of a sudden because I refuse his drink I get a punch,” he said of the altercation. “you don’t need that in life.”

“I don’t like the man. I think he is getting a bad rep,” the man added. “He is a bit of a bully, a bully with money.”

McGregor holds 18 career knockout or TKO wins, but the man who was struck took the punch quite well.

“Look-it, I can take a punch,” the man, who is 50 years old, said.

There are certain witness accounts that claim the man called the former UFC champion’s whiskey “shit”, though this supposed statement has not been further commented on. McGregor will be summoned to the Dublin District Court on a currently undisclosed date to face charges for minor assault.

Despite this controversy, that could surely be career-ending for lesser-known fighters, McGregor is looking to return to the UFC octagon. After seeing rival and old foe Nate Diaz‘ triumphant return this weekend at UFC 241, McGregor expressed a desire to return for a trilogy fight.

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