Dana White on Conor McGregor scandal: “Get ready for a disaster”

The UFC boss took a diplomatic approach in regards to McGregor's latest problems, hoping for a change: "It doesn't end well

If Conor McGregor continues to go on this destructive path, things wont end well for him, according to UFC president Dana White. After the recent circulation of a damning video, showing McGregor punching an elderly man at a Dublin bar, the controversial fighter is in hot water once again.


While already heavily critiqued by the MMA community, White took a more diplomatic approach when weighing in on the situation.

“When you deal with fighters, guys who fight for a living, there’s always something,” White said during an appearance on “The Jim Rome Show,” . “If you look at some of the greatest – Tyson. If you look what Tyson went through in his peak, every time you take a guy who is a professional fighter and you sprinkle a ton of money on top of it, get ready. Get ready for a disaster.”

McGregor has already been involved in many controversies that would have landed lesser known fighters in career-changing trouble. From previous cases of assault, theft and criminal mischief, the Irish fighter now has a laundry list of issues, and White hopes McGregor comes to his senses before it’s too late.

“You get to the point where you look at a guy like Conor, and you look at the bus incident in New York and all the other things. You look at the camera, the phone and the guy who took the picture of him in Miami when he slaps the phone. What’s the number? What’s it going to cost Conor McGregor before he decides, ‘All right, this isn’t worth it. Enough is enough. I need to stop doing this,’” White said. “The incident in New York cost him millions. Millions he had to pay out. He had to pay the guy with the phone. What’s he going to pay this guy that he hit in the bar? The list just goes on and on. I just don’t know when he wakes up and says, ’I’ve got to stop doing this.’”

White added, “I don’t know (how this ends for Conor McGregor). We’ve all seen this story before. This isn’t new. We saw this movie, we read this book – whatever the deal is. If you stay down that path it definitely doesn’t end well. But McGregor is a guy – what’s crazy is Conor McGregor is a smart kid. He’s a very smart kid. He’s financially set himself up, he’s made some really good moves business-wise, and he’s made a lot of money. He owns this whiskey company that’s killing it, and he’s going to continue to make a lot of money. I don’t know. He’s a father now; he’s got a kid. At some point you have to say, ‘I need to stop punching people in the face illegally.’ Just do it for money.”

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