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“Korean Zombie” furious with “coward” Brian Ortega following assault on translator

"I will fight you and I will knock you out..."

Things kicked off at UFC 248, as Brian Ortega found himself in an altercation with a translator to “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung – Now the Asian star is furious.

Both featherweights were in Las Vegas for this weekend’s UFC 248. Apparently, Ortega had been angered by comments made by Jung about him, implying that the former didn’t want to fight. “The Korean Zombie” had made these comments via his friend and translator; musician Jay Park. According to reports, Ortega found Park in the crowd at UFC 248, and supposedly slapped him. Security then escorted Ortega out of the arena.

UFC president Dana White addressed the altercation afterwards.

“There was a lot of shit going on tonight, it was weird,” White said at the post fight press conference. “[Ortega] and the Zombie got in a fight, which is completely unlike both of their personalities. Zombie doesn’t even speak English so I don’t know what the hell he could have said that would get Ortega to start going crazy, but yeah that was weird.”

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While early reports indicated that “The Korean Zombie” was part of the altercation, he maintains he wasn’t even there when it happened. In a lengthy post in Instagram, Jung took aim at Ortega, who the former claims assaulted Park when the two were alone.

“Last night, you sat 10 meters away from me and Jay Park. For two hours nothing happened, so I thought everything was fine. But you fucking attacked Jay Park while I went to the bathroom. Jay Park is not a professional fighter but a musician. You slapped a civilian who merely helped translate. Even worse, you were sitting there waiting until I would be absent and attacked Jay Park. It was not a fight like real men would do. What you have done is same as a grown up to beat a child. You should have attacked me. If so, I would have not been upset. You are such a coward for slapping a musician not a fighter.” “The Korean Zombie” wrote. “If you fucking planned this to fight me and to use my name because people don’t remember your name anymore, then I congratulate you, it worked. I will fight you and I will knock you out and your fucking face will be bloody. Now, your fucking face stays in my mind and I will fuck you up in the cage. I hope you won’t run away from me again.”

Ortega and Jung have a history together. The two have been interested in fighting each other for several months. Last summer, “The Korean Zombie” teased a fight with Ortega that ended up not materialising. They were then booked to fight at UFC Busan in South Korea in December last year. However Ortega was forced out of the bout with an injury, and was replaced by Frankie Edgar. Jung would go on to win the fight via first round KO, but it seems that the tension between “The Korean Zombie” and Ortega hasn’t died down.

Do you still want to see “The Korean Zombie” vs Brian Ortega?

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