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Jorge Masvidal reveals UFC’s harsh, ‘Strong arming’ negation techniques

"Gamebred" lashes out at fighter commentators: "You guys should be embarrassed to call yourselves current/former fighters"

It seems payment, negotiations and deal-making has been ont he mind of many fighters as of late. Superstars like Jon Jones and Conor McGregor have threatened to leave the UFC due to botched negotiations. One thing’s for certain: Jorge Masvidal is among those fighters, and quite displeased with the way the UFC have handled negotiations.

The BMF title holder appeared to be next in line for a welterweight title shot, even having an altercation with reigning champion Kamaru Usman. However somewhere along the way, talks broke down. Masvidal has maintained that he has wanted a better deal, but that the UFC haven’t been willing to budge.

Taking to Twitter, Masvidal claimed that the UFC handled the talks in an all too authoritative manner.

“I already explained why I signed a new deal,” Masvidal wrote. “It’s either take it or leave it and not get paid. I would’ve signed another deal if it was done in good faith. He called me night before he wants to announce and tell me take or it leave it. That’s not negotiating that’s strong arming”

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Masvidal then went on to criticise fellow UFC fighters. Without naming any names he claimed that the “white knights” who are commentating, supporting the UFC’s agenda, should get some much-needed perspective.

“And for the white knights that have commentating jobs with the UFC that say ‘just fight’ you guys should be embarrassed to call yourselves current/former fighters. Not one of you been doing it as long as me and like me. There’s a reason you are ‘commentating'”

Masvidal’s next move is uncertain, however he has his management’s full support and that of many other UFC fighter’s as well. If the movement is strong enough then perhaps

What do you make of the negotiations with the UFC Jorge Masvidal described?

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