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Jon Jones reaches out to fighters – Claims he was “ripped off” by UFC

"I’m not even asking for backpay for ripping me off throughout my entire 20s..."

With the feud ongoing, light heavyweight champ Jon Jones continues to bash the UFC, claiming he’s been notoriously underpaid and ripped off for years.

Jones has been incredibly vocal as of late, voicing displeasure with the UFC. The source of the tension has been the botched negotiations with the UFC regarding the potential superfight at heavyweight with Francis Ngannou. While what exactly happened is unclear, but both sides have not been able to come to an agreement about what actually transpired.

Since then Jones has gone on to claim that he will vacate the title, seemingly asking for walking papers. UFC president Dana White has gone on record to offer to take a lie detector test with Jones, and the only thing that is clear is that the parties involved don’t agree.

Now, Jones has gone on a tirade against the UFC, claiming that he has been taken advantage of for several years. Responding to a comment on social media, Jones opened up about how he feels mistreated by the UFC. He began by addressing the supposed financial woes the UFC are going through.

“Do you not listen to Dana?” Jones wrote, responding to a fan. “Almost every interview he mentions how the UFC are breaking new records and are at an all-time high. Dana mentioned I want [Deontay] Wilder money, meanwhile over the entirety of my career I haven’t even made a quarter of that.”

He then went on to describe some of the details surrounding his title defence against Lyoto Machida in 2011.

“When I was in my prime, the UFC‘s way of not paying me was telling me I wasn’t a star,” Jones added. “Had me grateful for a new car meanwhile making tens of millions without my knowing. Impressed a young kid with a Bentley to fight Lyoto Machida while they collected millions.”

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Jones then reached out to young, up and coming fighters, cautioning them ahead of their UFC careers.

“I’m not even asking for backpay for ripping me off throughout my entire 20s,” Jones continued. “Just wanted to be treated fair moving forward. Advice while you Young fighters, if you’re hot right now. Get paid. As much as the UFC is building your brand, you are building their’s. If you think your biggest paydays will come after being with the company for a while. You are wrong. I fought mega fight after mega fight throughout my early 20s for under 2million a fight. Who knows what I’m actually owed, makes me feel like a fool even thinking about it.”

While having threatened to leave the UFC, currently he’s still listed on the UFC’s website.

Do you agree with Jon Jones, has he been “ripped off” by the UFC?

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