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Joe Rogan praises Youtuber Logan Paul: “He can wrestle…this is no joke”

"You can see it when he’s moving..."

UFC commentator Joe Rogan seems sold on the wrestling prowess of Youtube star Logan Paul – Is an MMA debut around the corner?

Earlier this month infamous YouTube star Logan Paul visited the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas. While there he had an intense sparring match with top-ranked UFC middleweight Paulo Costa. Despite supposedly getting knocked out, Paul did surprisingly well based on most accounts.

Recently the clip reached UFC commentator and famed podcaster Joe Rogan who, alongside former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub, praised Paul for his wrestling ability.


“For real, Logan Paul can wrestle,” Rogan said. “He can wrestle. Look at those scrambles.”

Schaub then informed Rogan that Paul was an experienced wrestler at Ohio State University.

“You can see it when he’s moving, like did you see that scramble? This is no joke.”

Paul has been clear about his ambitions to compete in MMA. He reached out to UFC president Dana White leading up to his boxing rematch with rival Youtuber KSI, and emphasised his wrestling skills.

“I want to fight in the UFC, and I think Dana White can make that happen. I love MMA, I grew up wrestling, I was one of the best wrestlers in Ohio. No disrespect, what the fuck am I doing, I’m using half the skill set that I was training my whole life to do.”

Do you want to see Logan Paul compete in MMA?

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