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Colby Covington challenges Tyron Woodley in provocative video

"Let’s save America, b*tch."

As the UFC scrambles to save this weekend’s fight card, Colby Covington has stepped up to call out former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley – In a way only Covington can. 

It is now official: UFC London is cancelled due to Corna virus concerns. Many fighters took to social media to express their feelings regarding the cancellation, most of them understanding the seriousness of the situation. The main event was supposed to be a welterweight showdown between former UFC champion Tyron Woodley and British star Leon Edwards – Who sits on an eight fight winning streak. While Edwards is officially out of the fight, which is expected to be rescheduled in the United States, the UFC are now trying to book a new opponent for Woodley. Enter former interim champion Colby Covington.


Known for controversial, provocative call outs and antagonistic themes, Covington is a popular fighter, regardless of if those watching his fights are cheering for or against him. When Covington caught wind of the UFC’s plans, he took to Twitter to announce that he was willing to fight Woodley.

Woodley posted a response, claiming that Covington is his number once choice for a potential replacement opponent.

“Colby Covington is my number one choice,” Woodley said in the video. “My number one choice. If I can fight him, Lord, there is a heaven above. When they try to make things for my evil, they make things for my good. This will be my delight. Go on his page and call him out. He’ll probably deactivate his account ’cause he a little hoe. Call him out: ‘You talked all that shit. Tyron Woodley said let’s go.’ You want to fight this weekend? You wanna fight in Oregon, Florida, wherever you wanna fight? Let’s do it. Since you all ‘anybody, everybody, all the time.’ Get on his shit, get on his line, tell him to fight me and quit being a little bitch.”

Earlier today Covington posted a video on Instagram where he, alongside a scantily clad woman, tries to incite a bout with Woodley.

“Tyrone,” Covington says at the start of the video. “America wants March Madness, Tyrone. The people want this fight. I want this fight. Your last out was so bad, you need this fight. Let’s save America, bitch.”

Both fighters maintain that they are willing to fight. If the UFC can sort out a venue and remaining card, then Woodley vs Covington may be an even bigger fight than the original UFC London main event. Based on what both fighters are saying, the ball is in the UFC’s court.

Do you want to see Tyron Woodley vs Colby Covington?

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