Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodriguez in altercation – After main event disaster!

A video has been released showing Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodriguez getting into an altercation at the hotel following their controversial, 15 second fight

The controversy surrounding the UFC Mexico City has not died down. The main event saw featherweights Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodriguez collide, both in need of a win. The fighters, media and fans in attendance and around the world were sorely disappointed by the main event. The aftermath would be worse, and became one of the most controversial endings to a UFC fight ever. Rodriguez accidentally poked Stephens in the eye, just 15 seconds into the fight, leaving the American unable to continue. When the fight was ended, fans in attendance began throwing things into the cage and at Stephens.

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While there was no clear-cut animosity between the fighters afterwards, the intensity hadn’t quite died down. Rodriguez even seemed somewhat sceptical of Stephens injury, implying that the fight could have continued. In fact, the intensity continued from the arena to the hotel lobby. A video has emerged, showing Rodriguez confront Stephens at the fighter hotel – an altercation ensues. The video above shows the altercation between Stephens and Rodriguez. Since the fight, Stephens has openly demanded a rematch.

“Yair you think I’m faking bro,” Stephens said, adressing Rodriguez. “You’re the one who poked me in the eye. Let’s run it back in four or five weeks, two weeks, whatever. I’ll be ready. Just a deep scratch, a deep bruise You’re the one who poked me. Let’s run it back motherfucker. Let’s go.”

Would you like to see Stephens vs Rodriguez 2? 

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