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Hasbulla begs UFC president Dana White for Conor McGregor fight: “Let me eat this chicken”

✔ Conor McGregor goes back on the offensive – threatens TikTok sensation Hasbulla!

Conor McGregor isn’t ready to put his rivalry with Hasbulla Magomedov behind him just yet!

The Twitter war between McGregor and TikTok star Hasbulla seems to be turning ugly, as the Irishman recently shared a threatening picture in a post that he later deleted. Hasbulla is a good friend of UFC legend and bitter rival to McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov. That could perhaps explain the strange rivalry!

Their feud started a while back, when Hasbulla proudly showed off his chicken, named “Conor McGregor”, on TikTok. “The Notorious” didn’t take kindly to the insult, and went on a Twitter rant where he called Hasbulla a “smelly inbred” and a “little gimp”. Despite being warned by featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski to stay away, McGregor has recently gone back on the offensive!

“Now what you saying you little gimp.”

After yet another insult from “The Notorious” it seems that Hasbulla is ready to settle their differences in the octagon! According to the TikTok star, he’s already under contract with the UFC, and he hopes to “smash” McGregor soon.

“Hey uncle (Dana White) and (UFC) please make it happen, let me eat this chicken (McGregor). I’m hungry, I’ll smash him with my mountain spirit. My brother (Khabib) smashed him and all his team, now is my time to rise!”

McGregor hasn’t competed since his leg injury at UFC 264 where he faced off against Dustin Poirier, but looks to return to action early next year. A fight against Hasbulla is probably out of the question, as the former featherweight and lightweight double champion isn’t interested in the lighter divisions any longer. McGregor has previously stated that he hopes to come back at welterweight, where he expects an immediate title shot.


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