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UFC legend GSP shares his picks for the greatest fighters of all time!

✔ Surprising answers when St-Pierre counts off his "Mount Rushmore" of MMA!

During a Q&A session ahead of UFC Paris Georges St-Pierre revealed which fighters he ranks among the greatest and most influential of all time!

“Rush” St-Pierre is widely considered one of, if not the greatest fighter to have ever done it. He represented the sport as a consummate professional both inside and outside of the cage, racking up an impressive 9 title defences throughout an illustrious UFC career. However, despite his accomplishments in the sport, St-Pierre does not mention himself when discussing the GOAT (greatest of all time) of MMA – he leaves that up to the fans!

“For me, the GOAT is Royce Gracie,” St-Pierre said. “But of course, if you take Royce Gracie and you try to put him in the octagon nowadays, the sport has changed so much over the years. He might not look as good as he was back then. So if you ask me who is the GOAT, I would say the GOAT has not even been born yet, because athletes get better over time, so the best athlete is still coming!”

Gracie was certainly a pioneer of MMA, paving the way for the generations of athletes that came after him. However, when asked about his “Mount Rushmore” of MMA, “Rush” couldn’t limit himself to only one pick – or even four!

“It’s a good question,” St-Pierre said. “I put Royce Gracie first… Royce Gracie, because he did stuff in the beginning that nobody had ever done. I will cheat because I have to put more than four. I would put Amanda Nunes, even though she has not retired because she’s the best female fighter that’s ever lived. Khabib (Nurmagomedov), because he had a perfect career, undefeated, an incredible career.”

“I would put Conor McGregor, also, because he brought the sport to a different level. I would put Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, and Demetrious Johnson for their performances.”


Do you agree with GSP and his “Mount Rushmore” of MMA?



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