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Donald Trump has a message for UFC boss Dana White

"I talked to the president and the vice-president today about this..."

United Stated president Donald Trump is cautiously optimistic in his message to UFC boss Dana White regarding coming events. 

The UFC is scrambling to find sollutions to the many government shut downs of public events. The next three UFC events have been officially cancelled, and UFC 249 is at risk as well due to the outbreak of the covid-19 (Corona) virus. The UFC brass are trying to find sollutions, and doing so amidst criticism from the MMA community. While fans and pundits alike wish to see the continuation of the sport, there are also concerns of the UFC putting fighters and staff at risk.

However, according to UFC president Dana White, he has approval from US president Donald Trump to go head with UFC events.


“Think about our sport, we always go overboard with health and safety and that’s what we’re gonna do here,” White told ESPN’s SportsCenter. “I talked to the president and the vice-president today about this, and they’re taking this very serious.

“They’re saying be cautious, be careful, but live your life and stop panicking. Everybody is panicking and instead of panicking, we’re actually getting out there and working with doctors and health officials and the government to figure out how we keep the sport safe and continue to put on events.”

While this sentiment seems encouraging to MMA fans at surface level, it is not entirely backed up by scientists. Many countries have cracked down on public gatherings all together, and discouraged sports leagues of hosting events, even without an audience. While fighters are cutting weight their immune system is diminished. Those with issues with their immune system are at a much higher risk in regards to the Corona virus. Fighters, cornermen and staff may also unknowingly spread the virus to the elderly or sick, who have a substantially higher mortality rate.

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MMA fans have the best interest of the sport at heart, but the best interest of those around us may have to trump love for combat sports.

What do you make of Donald Trump’s message to Dana White?

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