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Joe Rogan on Donald Trump at UFC 244: “They booed the F*** out of him!”

According to UFC commentator Joe Rogan, US president Donald Trump definitely did NOT recieve a warm welcome at Madison Square Garden

UFC 244 was a star-studded affair, with celebrities like The Rock in attendance – and United States president Donald Trump as well. According to Rogan, the fans on site at Madison Square Garden decidedly did not take kindly to seeing Trump in the arena. In a recent episode of Rogan’s podcast, alongside guest Greg Fitzgerald, Rogan detailed the reception Trump received.


“I took my fucking headphones off just to listen, and it was ‘boo’,” Rogan said.”18,000 people going ‘boo’.”

There were several conflicting reports that emerged, with several claims made of loud support for Trump. Rogan felt that if there was support, it was quickly drowned out by boos.

“Maybe four people behind him were chanting USA,” Rogan said. “Is that what Donald Jr. said? Listen, if that was your Dad, you’d probably say that too. Look, they booed the fuck out of him. I’m sure some people clapped. I’m sure. But if you had to bet your money on it, like what was the greater percentage, boos or claps? It was fucking boos. Dude I took my headphones off, I was right there. I could have hit [Trump] with a rock. He was right there. [Boos].”

Perhaps the claims of support and chants in favour of Trump were misconstrued, as Rogan is one of the people close enough to gauge the situation properly.

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