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Darren Till having issues ahead of UFC 248 – Reaches out to Donald Trump

The British middleweight has problems and hopes that the US president can resolve them

Amidst visa issues, UFC middleweight Darren Till has sent a request to United States president Donald Trump in hopes of resolving the problem.

The English middleweight, pride of Liverpool, has been in talks to face rising contender Jared Cannonier at UFC 248. The bout has not been officially announced however both parties claim they’ve accepted the fight. The event takes place in Las Vegas, March 7th, and features a middleweight title fight between Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero in the main event.

“I’ve said yes,” Till wrote regarding a fight with Cannonier. “I’m ready! This fight will complete the March 7th card! I massively respect killa but I’m gonna whoop him!”

More Darren Till & Donald Trump

However, despite both men wanting to fight, the bout may not be guaranteed. There are reports that Till is experiencing visa issues which may jeopardise the fight. This caused Till to recently reach out to Donald Trump.

“[Donald Trump] get me my visa for UFC 248 so I can whoop this man,” Till wrote on Instagram.

While Till didn’t specify what the precise issues are, there are a range of possibilities. While on vacation in Spain he was involved in an incident in which a taxi was stolen. Till claimed he was only at the scene alongside people who had commandeered the vehicle, but it did land him a short stint with the Spanish police.

Trump has been a longtime fan of MMA, as well as a friend to UFC president Dana White. While unlikely that Trump can directly speed up the visa process for a certain individual, it shows how mainstream MMA has become. Such a direct contact between US officials and MMA fighters was a rare thing to behold before, however it’s become all the more common.

Do you think Donald Trump can assist Darren Till with his visa issues?

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