Darren Till: ‘My Coach Would Slap My Face Off If I Acted Like Conor McGregor’

UFC welterweight Darren Till says his coach Colin Herron would never let him act like Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor’s recent behaviour has got the world talking and one man who seeming to have no time for it is UFC welterweight, Darren Till.

The Liverpudlian is coming off the biggest win of his career against Donald Cerrone in October and has elevated himself right into the thick of it at 170-pounds. Till spoke exclusively to MMANytt.com this past week and was asked what he made of the recent headlined surrounding the Irishman. Suffice to say, Till wasn’t overly impressed.

“I believe I can bigger than Conor,” Till said. “The difference between me and Conor is I got people around me that will slap me in to place if I get out of hand, like I said about Colin [Herron]. Conor has been doing what he’s been doing getting into trouble, obviously we don’t know the full story, but he’s been getting into fights at clubs and he’s fighting referees.

“My coach wouldn’t ever let me do that. I’d get slapped back into place. I don’t know the people he’s got around him, but someone needs to tell him to calm down a bit. That’s how I see it you know.”

The head coach of Team Kaobon in Liverpool isn’t to be messed with. Colin Herron has guided Till through not only his fighting career, but also through his personal life and Till has 100-percent trust that he will guide him down the straight and narrow path to being a champion.

“We can’t disrespect what he’s done for the sport, he’s the biggest name in MMA,” Till said speaking about McGregor. “He’s done what he’s done and total f***ing respect for that. But what’s he doing right now? He’s destroying his legacy a bit.

“Is there no one around him to say ‘stop that’ and give him a slap? Because I know if it was my coach, he’d slap my face off and there’s not a thing I could do about it.”

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