BKFC’s Feldman Teams Up with McGregor: “Taking This All the Way to the Top”

"McGregor's Move to BKFC Shakes Up Combat Sports"

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has joined forces with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), and BKFC President David Feldman couldn’t be more thrilled about this partnership.

Announcement at KnuckleMania 4:

The exciting announcement was made during BKFC KnuckleMania 4, revealing that McGregor and his company, McGregor Sports and Entertainment, are now co-owners of BKFC. When asked about what this means for his organization and the sport, Feldman expressed his enthusiasm.

Press Conference Insights:

At the post-event press conference, Feldman shared his thoughts on the new partnership. “He’s now an owner of BKFC along with us, and we’re going to take this damn thing all the way to the top,” Feldman declared. He reminisced about McGregor’s appearance a year ago in Denver, where McGregor playfully challenged fighter Mike Perry in the ring. This encounter led to a partnership with McGregor’s Irish Stout, which soon became a sponsor.

Viral Staredown Sparks Partnership:

The partnership talks began after McGregor and Perry’s viral staredown at BKFC 41 in April 2023, following Perry’s knockout win over former UFC champion Luke Rockhold. “We had some incredible conversations and exchanged some great ideas,” Feldman recounted. “I told my wife, ‘I’ve been longing for Conor McGregor to call me, and now he won’t stop calling.’ It’s just amazing. He’s so excited about this.”


McGregor’s UFC Comeback:

McGregor is currently preparing to face Michael Chandler in the main event of UFC 303 on June 29 in Las Vegas. This marks McGregor’s first fight since his leg break in a TKO loss to Dustin Poirier in July 2021. His return is a major event for the UFC, but raises questions about UFC President Dana White’s reaction to McGregor promoting another organization.

Dana White’s Perspective:

“Dana White runs a juggernaut with the UFC,” Feldman noted. “Conor McGregor definitely moves the needle for them, but White is very successful without McGregor. He’s not fighting for us; I’m just saying, he’s promoting our product. Who knows? Dana is probably a bit upset, seeing his biggest star talk about another company, but he’s not worried about us. Not yet.”


As McGregor gears up for his UFC comeback, his involvement with BKFC is set to bring exciting times ahead for the sport of bare-knuckle fighting, challenging the boundaries between different combat sports platforms.

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