[VIDEO] WILD BRAWL!! Fight Breaks Out In The Cage During KSW Post-Fight Interview

Infamous Polish rapper Pawel Rak aka Popek Monster faced famous Polish actor Tomasz Oswiecinski at KSW 41 last evening.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in KSW, you see a post-fight interview erupt into a wild brawl with utter chaos ensuing.

After his win over Popek Monster last evening (recap below), Tomasz Oswiecinski proceeded to call out Polish boxer Artur Szpilka in his post-fight interview. Within seconds, Szpilka made his way to the cage and proceeded to push him off the stool that he was doing his interview on. Security then flooded the cage in what was a totally chaotic scene.

One security guard, for reasons unknown entered the cage carrying an umbrella!?!? Thankfully order was restored in good time. Whoever knew that Tomasz Oswiecinski  vs Artur Szpilka would be the thing fans would be talking about as they left the arena.

Popek vs  Oswiecinski Fight Report

What happens when you put a Polish rapper and a Polish actor in a cage to fight? Last night at KSW 41 we found out when Pawel Rak aka. “Popek Monster” took on Tomasz Oswiecinski at KSW 41.

Both men came out swinging but Popek took Oswiecinski down to the mat quickly and worked all the way into full mount. From there he rained down blows as Oswiecinski desperately tried to cover up, but Popek was relentless and pushed him against the cage. Oswiecinski did well to turtle up and rise to his feet, but Popek immediately took him down and put him on his back once again. Popek then worked all the way into full mount once again and tried to land blows, but Oswiecinski did well to contain him from doing that much damage until the end of the round.

Both men looked tired as they made their way back to their stools and it was Oswiecinski who took the initiative in round two as he took Popek down to the mat with a beautifully timed double leg.. He worked away with strikes from side control as Popek covered up and the crowd went berserk. Popek did his best to wriggle free but only made it to his knees as Oswiecinski pounded away on him. With the crowd going insane and Popek doing nothing to improve his position, the referee dove in and called the fight off.

The arena then erupted at the sight of Oswiecinski celebrating with his hands aloft. Only in KSW ladies and gentlemen.

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