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‘The Polish Zombie’ Marcin Wrzosek Back In The KSW Title Hunt After Impressive Win At KSW 41

'The Polish Zombie' Marcin Wrzosek is back in the KSW title hunt after an impressive win at KSW 41.

Former KSW featherweight champion Marcin Wrzosek took a big step forward to reclaiming his title last evening with an impressive win over Roman Szymanski at KSW 41.

The Shark Top Team had a distinct experience advantage over his much younger opponent and he used every it of it to his advantage last evening.

The first meaningful exchange occurred up against the fence as Szymanski looked to take Wrzosek down. Szymanski worked for the takedown for over 90-seconds, but Wrzosek used underhooks and elbows to the side of the head well and got back up quickly as Szymanski looked to trip him to the mat. Wrzosek then took a dominant position as he had Szymanski turtled against the cage and he landed a good few knees to the head before Szymanski desperately looked for a heel hook. Wrzosek rode out the position well and then landed in top position where he landed some good elbows before the end of the round.

Round two began with both men exchanging in the centre of the cage. Szymanski looked to land big hooks, but Wrzosek slipped them well and pushed his man against the cage. Szymanski again dove down for a heel hook and this time Wrzosek had to work hard to escape. Wrzosek then had Szymanski turtled up again and he landed some stiff punches to the side of the head before Szymanski rolled through. The two were then involved in a crazy scramble back to the feet until Wrzosek took his man down again with a single leg. Wrzosek then followed him down to the ground, but Szymanski did well off his back and landed some stiff elbows. The fight was fast turning into a battle of attrition and the two wrestled out the rest of the round out on the ground.

The final round opened with more wild exchanges. Wrzosek then timed a trip beautifully as Szymanski rushed in, but before long the fight was back on the feet. Wrzosek then cut Szymanski with a knee and he then took him down to the mat again. Szymanski then rallied back to his feet, but Wrzosek again took him down and looked to land ground and pound in his guard. The two engaged in back and forth strikes on the mat, Wrzosek in top control and Szymanski doing his best to land from the bottom. The fight was paused for a brief second for an up kick, but Wrzosek went back to work and finished the fight pounding away on Szymanski.

It was a classic performance from the Polish Zombie. Guts, will and determination saw him through to a clear unanimous decision victory.

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