Stipe Miocic “upset” with Colby Covington – Plans confrontation

Colby Covington crossed a sacred line recently, mouthing off to Stipe Miocic's wife at a UFC event - Now the heavyweight champ plans a talk

While Colby Covington now is known for controversial, brash behaviour, he may have taken it a step too far this time. Covington was in attendance at UFC 241, where Stipe Miocic won back the UFC heavyweight title after knocking out Daniel Cormier. Now Miocic has gone out to openly say that he wants a serious conversation with Covington – after that the latter mouthed off to the heavyweight’s wife.

“I’m kinda upset with that kid,” Miocic said about Covington on TalkRadio 77 WABC (via The Mac Life). “He was saying stuff to my wife after my fight. I might have to talk to him about that. I’m not trying to start anything here, I’m just saying I want a normal conversation. I’m not gonna go out and take his head off.

“My wife was walking to the cage, and I guess he was saying something to her and my manager being the man he is told him to shut the fuck up,” Miocic continued. “To this day my manager won’t tell me what he said, so I’m going to find out. I’m very good, I’m like the FBI. I’ll find out what he said and I’m just gonna go up to him and talk to him about it.”


Always a level-headed guy, Miocic doesn’t plan on causing an escalation to things, however he is determined to speak to Covington. In fact, one might even argue that Miocic is taking the matter in a much more relaxed way than needed, on account of Covington’s disrespect.

“I’m just gonna go up to him and talk to him, I’m not gonna take his head off,” Miocic added. “I’m gonna go, ‘Hey man, what’s your problem’. Not mad at the kid, I just want to talk to him about it.”

How do you think this talk between Miocic and Covington will go? 

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