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Nate Diaz done with the UFC? “F*** a rematch”

It seems that Nate Diaz isn't keen on waiting for a rematch against Jorge Masvidal and is instead "going on tour"

The main event at UFC 244, pitting fan favourites Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz against each other, did not give the definitive result people were expecting. While the two fighters gave it their all in the three rounds they competed, two deep cuts on Diaz forced the doctor to call the fight off after the third round. Diaz was, unsurprisingly, adamant about getting a rematch. While Masvidal was positive towards a rematch, it wasn’t necessarily his plans for his next bout, while UFC president Dana White was not interested in Masvidal vs Diaz 2.

Now, in a post on Instagram, Diaz seems to want to take a break from the UFC, seemingly not expecting to get a rematch.

“Fuck a rematch this shit was over before it started,” Diaz wrote. “I’m goin on out on tour. Peace out fight game”


The post is cryptic, and seems to imply that Diaz is done with MMA, though this would not be the first time he’s had similar sentiments. Diaz was clearly upset with the stoppage, something echoed during the post fight press conference. Diaz has been at odds with the UFC multiple times. Previously White has claimed that Diaz hasn’t been a strong draw, something that was disproven in conjunction with Diaz two fights with superstar Conor McGregor, and his triumphant return against Anthony Pettis earlier this year. That was his first fight in over three years, Diaz won a unanimous decision after three full rounds. Hopefully for the fans, Diaz and the UFC can reach an agreement so that it doesn’t take another three years for him to return.

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