Dana White: Donald Trump “had a blast” at UFC 244, “He loved it”

With US president Donald Trump in attendance at UFC 244 the stakes were certainly high, luckily he only had good things to say about the event

The United States president; Donald Trump was at UFC 244 – And he loved it. 

UFC 244 turned out to be one of the biggest events of the year. Despite a controversial ending to the main event, UFC 244 more or less lived up to expectations and proved to be one of the best events of the year so far. Several media members told MMAnytt that the event could be one of the best events in the UFC’s history, top to bottom.

It has been known that Trump would attend the event, making expectations, security and overall anticipation higher. Luckily for the UFC, the event delivered, and all involved were more than satisfied overall. Regardless of ones political vies, the fact that Trump attended UFC 244 was a huge feat for the sport of MMA. Trump took to social media shortly after the fights, saying that he felt quite at home at the event.


Walking into Madison Square Garden last night with @danawhite for the big @UFC Championship fight was a little bit like walking into a Trump Rally,” The US president wrote. “Plenty of MAGA & KAG present. Great energy. Fantastic job Dana!”

Clearly Trump was pleased with UFC 244, and he received notable support from the crowd in attendance at Madison Square Garden. MMAnytt have been on site in New York City all week, and asked UFC president Dana White about what Trump said about the event and the post fight press conference.

“I did [talk to Donald Trump after the event], he had a blast, he loved it,” White told MMAnytt and other media outlets on site. “I think the last time he was at a live UFC fight was the Meadowlands, you know. So we’re talking 2001, 2002 was the last time he was there. When you come to one of these events, especially like night it was so electric, so, he loved it. And he came, he stayed the whole event, because he came earlier he was in my room watching the prelims with me and then we went out to the main card.” 

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White and Trump have had a close relationship for many years. Throughout the early days of the promotion Trump has been a close ally. He has assisted when possible and letting the UFC host events at his casinos in Las Vegas. White acknowledged that Trump has his fair share of haters, but that regardless that the presidents attendance was a seminal moment for the sport.

“Whoever you are, this is America. You can believe or do whatever you want. If you want to boo, you can boo,” White said. “As an American, you can do whatever you want to do, and you can choose whatever side you want to be on. So I just felt like tonight we were going to walk in and whatever happened, happened. The guy told me as a friend he was coming to see the fights, and he did tonight, and I appreciate him, and it was a big night for the sport.”

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