Conor McGregor asks for Jorge Masvidal: “Could I get a three piece with a soda”

It seems that Conor McGregor is looking to face rising star Jorge Masvidal after the landmark event that was UFC 244

While the controversial ending to UFC 244 was somewhat of a downer, the event itself was spectacular. Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz went to war for three rounds, until a cut on Diaz caused the doctor to stop the fight. While it lasted, the fight was incredibly entertaining and just as violent as predicted. While many fans want to see a rematch, UFC president Dana White wasn’t too keen on pitting Diaz against Masvidal once more. Never once to shy away from an opportunity, Conor McGregor threw his name in the hat and is now calling to face Masvidal.


Once of Masvidal’s most famous quotes was using the term “three piece with a soda” to describe the strikes he hit Leon Edwards with backstage at UFC London. McGregor has a certain wit about him, and used the term on social media, aimed at Masvidal.

MMAnytt was on site in New York City for UFC 244, and asked Masvidal about a bout with McGregor. Masvidal, however, did not seem to think that the bout would be a good idea for the Irish superstar.

“(He’s going to) come back to what? Like fighting in the cage? I don’t know man,” Masvidal told MMAnytt at the UFC 244 post-event news conference. “That dude has been talking wild for a second. If he fights and gets a victory and he wants this – and some of you motherfucker are mean because you know what the fuck I’ll do to that little dude, bro. I’ll fuck that little guy up man. He’s a fucking midget.”

Do you want to see Jorge Masvidal vs Conor McGregor? 

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