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Dana White agrees on UFC 244 stoppage, not interested in Masvidal-Diaz rematch

Was the cut Nate Diaz recieved enough to warrant a stoppage? See the photos here on MMAnytt!

As far as UFC boss Dana White is concerned, the doctor made the right call to stop Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz – and a rematch is not on the radar right now.

The main event at UFC 244 ended somewhat anticlimactically, as the doctor stopped the fight between rounds three and four. Fans in attendance where decidedly not pleased with the decision, neither was Diaz himself. At the post fight press conference though, UFC president Dana White explained that he thought the doctor was correct in calling off the main event at UFC 244.

“It happens in this game,” White said of Diaz cut at the UFC 244 post fight press conference. “At first I was itching and pissed off and I said they didn’t stop the Tyson Fury fight and that cut was nasty.

“Then I walk back and I saw Nate Diaz and his eyebrow was literally flipped over under his eye. He had another cut under his eye. It’s easy sitting in my chair thinking it shouldn’t be stopped. The reason we love Nate is because he’s so tough and durable. But it didn’t look good.”


Many fans, and also Masvidal and Diaz themselves, were adamant about a rematch needing to happen. Though it didn’t get “Fight of the Night” honours, it was a spectacularly entertaining bout according to both fans and pundits. While most would want to see Masvidal and Diaz collide once more, White isn’t as eager.

“No, it doesn’t interest me right away,” White said about a Masvidal-Diaz rematch. “I think that I got asked a couple of questions tonight. ‘Diaz comes on in the later rounds. If this fight had gone later, would they have stopped it?’ But it didn’t. It got stopped with cuts and Masvidal looked very dominant. And he looked good.”

Do you think Masvidal and Diaz should fight again? 

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