MMA Saturday Surgery: Remember They Build Them Up To Tear Them Down

Conor McGregor has had a another crazy week in the press but read what you do with caution.

It’s been another week of headlines for Conor McGregor and the stories are getting more and more elaborate.

As the drama has played out over the last few weeks, it’s become increasingly apparent that wider media is well aware that it’s an open invitation to the McGregor bashing buffet. Jumping into cages, pushing referees, fights in pubs, speeding fines and several other things I’m probably forgetting are by no means excusable, nor are they normal behaviour, but just be aware, that in a time where McGregor isn’t helping himself, plenty others are appearing to help themselves.

We’ve read it all this past week #DateNight, clubbing with the strippers, partying all week in London and now talks of a fight with Manny Pacquiao.

We’ve seen over the past week there’s seemingly no shame of people using the Irishman’s name to get themselves in the press. Don’t tell me Rita Ora’s tweet was innocent, neither tell me the ‘champagne worker’ at the club who sold her story to The Mirror also didn’t use McGregor’s name to pocket some cash and some fame.

Has Pacquiao now done a similar thing? Who knows, but let’s pray he has because no one wants to see this fight actually materialize.

The point is, just be careful what you read and what you believe. The Irishman is everything he probably ever wanted to be: young, rich and wild. Unfortunately for him, that also makes him very vulnerable and some of the press will now run anything with his name.

American’s reading this might not get the reference, but this whole situation is getting all too similar to what happened to one of England’s great football (soccer) players, Paul Gascoigne. Who knows how “off the rails” McGregor really is. This is perhaps just a way of keeping his name in the press.

Whatever the case, lets hope like Darren Till told me earlier in the week (HERE) he has someone close to him to slap him back into line. After all, we don’t love McGregor for DateNight, we don’t like him for partying, and we definitely don’t like him for boxing.

McGregor is who he is because of his work in the UFC Octagon and it’s time to get back to business.

6 Essentials This Week

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