Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul: Rules and Details Finalized

"A historic clash in professional boxing."


On July 20th, the boxing world will witness an intriguing clash as YouTube sensation Jake Paul and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson step into the ring for a sanctioned professional match. The fight will be overseen by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, and as the date approaches, more details about this highly anticipated encounter have been revealed.

Match Specifications

The bout between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will be recognized in the heavyweight category. This means that regardless of the outcome, it will be recorded on their official professional records. This marks Tyson’s return to professional boxing for the first time since his retirement following a loss in June 2005. The heavyweight duel will consist of eight two-minute rounds, totaling 16 minutes of active fight time.

Equipment and Safety Measures

Contrary to earlier rumors, Tyson and Paul will be fighting with 14 oz gloves and without any headgear. The use of larger gloves typically indicates a focus on safety, reducing the impact of punches, which is crucial considering the significant age difference between the two fighters.

Sanctioning Challenges and Statements

Getting the fight sanctioned was initially challenging due to the more than 30-year age gap between Tyson, who will be 58 at the time of the fight, and the 27-year-old Paul. “This is the largest age difference in a professional boxing match in the history of the sport,” noted Nakisa Bidarian, co-founder of Most Valuable Promotions, in a statement to ESPN. “Iron” Mike Tyson’s last professional encounter was back in 2005, and his participation has required special considerations from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.


Historical Context

The current record for the greatest age disparity in professional boxing was set in 1963 when 49-year-old Archie Moore faced 25-year-old Mike DiBiase. Moore, unlike Tyson, was active in his boxing career right up to that fight. Tyson, on the other hand, has only participated in exhibition matches since 2005, with his last professional win dating back to early 2003.

“Mike Tyson and Jake Paul signed up to fight each other with the desire to compete in a sanctioned professional match that would have a definitive outcome,” said Nakisa Bidarian.


Preliminary Fight Card Adjusted for US Time

  • Heavyweight: Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson
  • Women’s Lightweight Title Match: Katie Taylor (c) vs. Amanda Serrano

This event not only promises to be a spectacle due to the unique circumstances surrounding it but also a test of time and tenacity for both competitors. As we countdown to the fight night, all eyes will be on these two diverse figures in the world of boxing.


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