Dana White Criticizes Media Over Jon Jones Incident Reporting

White’s Displeasure with the Media

UFC President Dana White has long been known for his critical stance towards the media. It comes as no surprise that he expressed frustration regarding the latest coverage of Jon Jones’ incident, particularly targeting NBC News for their reportage. White criticized the media giant for inaccurately reporting an alleged altercation involving Jones and a female drug tester from Drug Free Sport International, UFC’s anti-doping partner.

Details of the Incident

On March 30, during a testing session at his home, Jones was reported to have threatened the tester and taken her phone, according to the woman’s police report. NBC News was the first to claim that Jones, the heavyweight champion, had been arrested—a fact that later turned out to be incorrect.

White’s Response

Despite NBC News correcting their report, the damage was already done. While appearing on the Club Random Podcast, Dana White commented on the situation and criticized NBC News’s reporting standards. “Jon Jones recently got into a bit of trouble; he’s literally always in trouble,” White remarked. He highlighted the procedural nature of drug testing, explaining that testers could show up anytime, anywhere, and are supposed to know the athlete’s location. “She showed up and claimed he threatened her. Then NBC News went ahead and said he was arrested, but he never was,” White explained.

Jones’ Reaction

Despite the controversy, Jon Jones was not arrested following the incident. He responded by releasing a video that seemingly showed a friendly interaction with the tester as she left his home. According to White, this isn’t the first time Jones has been caught in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, though this time it appeared to be “smoke without fire.”


Jones’ Career Update

Jon Jones recently announced his return to MMA training following a torn pectoral muscle. He is expected to defend his heavyweight title later this year against former champion Stipe Miocic.

Dana White on NBC’s report: “NBC News went out with the news that he had been arrested, but he never was. It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.”

Dana White on drug testing: “A drug testing company—our fighters get tested, so the testing agents can show up at your home or wherever you are, and they need to know where you are.”

Dana White on the incident: “Jon Jones recently got into a bit of trouble; he’s literally always in trouble.”

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