Holloway Mocks Topuria’s BMF Title Claims

"True BMF fights anyone, anytime" - Holloway

Holloway’s BMF Standards: A Class Apart

Max Holloway, the epitome of a BMF (baddest motherf**ker) in the UFC, does not see eye to eye with Ilia Topuria’s claims to the BMF title. Holloway, who clinched this symbolic title with a breathtaking knockout of Justin Gaethje at UFC 300, believes in the essence of being a BMF beyond mere words. His victory was not just a win but a statement, overwhelming Gaethje in the final moments despite being ahead on points—a true BMF move.

Topuria’s Claims Fall Short

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Topuria expressed his desire to fight Holloway only if the BMF title was on the line. Holloway, in response, critiqued Topuria’s understanding of what it means to be a BMF, suggesting a true BMF does not place conditions on fights. “A BMF fights anyone, anytime, any weight, anytime,” Holloway shared with Jim Rome, implying Topuria’s stance lacks the BMF spirit.


Holloway’s Challenge Stands

Despite questioning Topuria’s BMF status, Holloway is open to facing him, aiming to reclaim the featherweight title he lost to Alexander Volkanovski. Holloway acknowledges Topuria’s win over Volkanovski, a feat he couldn’t achieve himself, yet remains skeptical about Topuria’s overall merit. He points out his own success at a young age, challenging Topuria to match his legacy.

Max Holloway on The MMA Hour: Expresses disbelief in Topuria’s BMF claims.

Holloway’s interview with Jim Rome: Questions the authenticity of Topuria’s BMF spirit.

Holloway’s comments on Topuria vs. Volkanovski: Acknowledges the win but remains critical of Topuria’s avoidance of him.

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