VIDEO: Mike Tyson posts training material. Fans are divided!

"No one should be fighting at 58 years old. I don't like this."

“Mike Tyson looks better than 90% of people and he’s almost 60 years old. Amazing!”

In July, boxing legend Mike Tyson will make his comeback when he takes on YouTube boxer Jake Paul. The match will be streamed for free to millions of Netflix users and is expected to be one of the most watched matches in the world.

Before the match, some people have said that it’s a bad idea for Tyson to fight a 27-year-old at almost 60. But Tyson says he’s in great shape and shows videos of his training that make people think again.

While many think Tyson looks in great shape, others say it’s sad to see the boxing legend lining up.

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson

To his millions of followers, Tyson has posted his training videos and is taking aim at Jake Paul.

“I can’t wait for this to be Jake Paul,” Mike Tyson wrote as he hit the mats.

In another video, Tyson shows off his explosiveness as he sprints. It’s impressive, especially considering that only two years ago he was in a wheelchair due to his problems.


However, not everyone is excited about Mike Tyson’s return to the ring. Many have expressed concerns about “Iron” Mike, including UFC legend Georges St-Pierre.

Mike Tyson is one of my idols. I looked up to him when I watched his fights as a kid. I hope he doesn’t get hurt or humiliated. I hope it goes smoothly and they both come back looking good.

People have been praising and criticizing Tyson’s videos.

“No one should be fighting at 58 years old,” one user wrote. “I don’t like this.”

Mike Tyson looks better than 90% of people, and he is almost 60 years old. No doubt about it.

Mike Tyson is an amazing fighter and a great example to anyone who thinks they can’t fight at 58.
Mike Tyson is the best there is, and he’s still going strong at 58.


The much-anticipated gala will have a split main event, with two of the boxing world’s top names in women’s boxing going head-to-head. Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor will once again go head to head, this time in the split main event of what is expected to be a record-breaking gala!

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