Jake Paul Prepares Major Surprise for MMA Debut: A $10 Million Challenge

"I'm extremely serious about fighting them in MMA" - Jake Paul

The Unconventional Path to MMA

YouTube boxing sensation Jake Paul has firmly expressed his desire to step into the MMA arena, targeting big names like Nate Diaz or Jorge Masvidal for his debut. Paul’s bold move includes an enticing $10 million offer to lure these veterans into the PFL (Professional Fighters League) cage, showcasing his serious intent to transition from boxing to mixed martial arts.

A Rising Boxing Star

Despite the mixed opinions surrounding Jake Paul, his rapid evolution in the boxing world is undeniable. With an upcoming summer bout against the legendary 57-year-old Mike Tyson, Paul’s ambitions stretch far beyond the boxing ring, eyeing an MMA debut as his next career milestone.

From Boxing to MMA: The Challenge Awaits

After triumphing over Nate Diaz in a boxing match, Paul extended a challenge for an MMA rematch, offering Diaz a substantial $10 million match fee. However, Diaz showed little interest. Not deterred, Paul disclosed that the same offer stands for Jorge Masvidal, who will face Diaz in a boxing match on June 1. Both fighters, seasoned in the MMA domain, present a formidable challenge for Paul’s potential MMA debut.

The Fighters’ Response

“I’m extremely serious about fighting them in MMA,” Jake Paul stated in a recent YouTube video. “Either Masvidal or Diaz in PFL. Ten million dollars is the offer for one of them.” Masvidal’s retort was sharp, questioning Paul’s boxing credentials and dismissing his MMA ambitions. Paul criticizes Masvidal’s and others’ reluctance to engage in serious negotiations for a match, labeling it as avoidance.


Training Ahead and Contractual Barriers

Should Paul emerge victorious against Tyson on July 20, he plans to dedicate six months to MMA training before making his debut. It’s important to note that Masvidal is currently under contract with UFC, making a PFL match legally impossible, regardless of his interest.

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