Jorge Masvidal calls out Conor McGregor: “Want to break his face”

✅ "Gamebred" NOT holding back in his challenge to McGregor ✅ "It's an easy paycheck"

Following his record setting knockout, Jorge Masvidal wants to “break Conor McGregor’s face.”

After this weekend’s UFC 239 welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal emerged as a star after scoring a record-setting 5 second knockout over rival Ben Askren. It was a breakout performance for Masvidal, who shot to super stardom in MMA and combat sports following the impressive feat. Now with his renowned status, he’s acting accordingly. Masvidal wants big fights, and as of now there’s no bigger fight in MMA than a match up with Conor McGregor.


“I want McGregor,” Masvidal said Thursday during an appearance on “The Dan LeBatard Show. “I want to break his face. I think that’s an easy paycheck. He’s got these cash symbols written all over his face for me. I just don’t see it going his way if I’m honest with you.”

Masvidal is well aware of the financial incentives and payoffs for fighting McGregor. UFC 229, where McGregor challenged Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title, still stands as the biggest MMA pay-per-view of all time, and the Irish superstar has been one of the biggest draws that the sport of MMA has ever seen.

“It’s just a fight that, if we made it, it’s going to sell a lot. I’m going to get the money that I deserve, and you can see: You put me there in a fight, and I’m going to fight,” Masvidal said. “I’m going to give you what the fans want. I’ve never pulled out of a fight. …

“It just means more money, more fans and then fight for the title. Either one of them makes sense to me.”

McGregor, who normally fights at lightweight, has had bouts in welterweight before. His two fights with Nate Diaz were in welterweight and Masvidal himself has previously competed in the UFC’s lightweight division.

As of writing this article McGregor has not responded to Masvidals call out.

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