PROOF: Jorge Masvidal KO’d Ben Askren in LESS than 5 seconds

✅ Was Jorge Masvidal's record-setting knockout truly 5 seconds? ✅ Our examination proves it was less than that as Askren hit the ground

At UFC 239 history was made as Jorge Masvidal set a new record for fastest finish in the UFC with a five second knockout over Ben Askren. The referee got in as quickly as possible but Askren absorbed two unnecessary strikes before the fight was officially stopped – prompting the question: Was it really five seconds? Was that the actual time of Masvidals knockout?


Using a timer we concluded that the actual finish was actually at three seconds, making Masvidals spectacular knockout even more impressive. As of now there has been no talk of changing the official time.

Masvidal now has two straight knockout wins following his finish over English former title challenger Darren Till. Reigning welterweight champion Kamaru Usman is out due to injury, so no title challenger has been announced. After this record-setting win, Masvidal may very well have done enough to leapfrog many of his fellow welterweight contenders.

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